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Why It Has Never Been Better To Be a Gamer

Posted onPosted on 13th Jun

People tend to focus on the less-than-great elements of modern life, but there’s little doubt that, in some instances, things have arguably never been better.

You can very much make that case for the gaming world, which has seen significant growth and development in the past couple of decades.

Today’s gamers have access to a level of experience that would have been completely unattainable in days of old. Let’s dive into what makes today’s gaming world just so positive.


It’s More Accessible Than in the Past

Video games have been around for decades, but they weren’t always accessible. In the early days of gaming, you’d need to live near an arcade. Later on, you’d need to have the money to invest in a video game console.

Today, you can play games on an expensive console if you wish, but you don’t necessarily need to own a PlayStation, Xbox, or gaming PC to enjoy the modern gaming culture.

The smartphone gaming industry has improved significantly in recent years, and today there are some mobile titles that exceed the best console games of the 1990s and 2000s. Plus, there’s also a rich online gaming sector that people can access with little more than a computer and an internet connection.

In other words, the gaming world is open to anyone and everyone, and that’s just something that was not the case in the olden days.

Continually Expanding Range of Games

There have never been more games than there are today. All the old games still exist, and thanks to emulators and online depositories, it’s never been easier to play those classic titles.

The rich gaming industry also means that there is always a new title to play, too. Indeed, some 10,000 games are released on Steam each month, while sites like PokerStars Casino continually update the games they offer to include the latest slot games.

And those new games do not, of course, replace older titles. Thanks to the unlimited nature of digital space, new and classic games can exist side-by-side, giving the modern gamer complete control over their experience.

The Industry Attracts Incredible Artists

There were many outstanding games released in the early stages of the video game industry. However, since the industry was then small, the range of creativity was somewhat limited.

fter all, there simply weren’t many people working in gaming. Couple that with comparatively limited technological capacity, and games essentially had to be pretty basic.

Today, though, that’s all changed. The gaming industry attracts some of the world’s best artists, coders, musicians, and scriptwriters, who have the technological assets they need to bring their creative vision to life.


There’s a Sense of Community

As with many other things, the gaming world has benefited from the internet’s ability to bring people together.

Modern gamers can easily find forums where they can connect with like-minded people, get help with the parts of a game they’re finding difficult, or get new game recommendations. And they can do it all while lying in bed.

Games Are More Robust

Golden age thinking, the romanticisation of the past, is a recurring issue in the video game world. People seem to think, probably for reasons of nostalgia, that video games were better in the past.

But that thinking doesn’t really stand up to scrutiny. Games in the 1990s were a lot of fun, but they were also heavily flawed. Games would crash at random points, and you’d have to just suck it up.

Today’s latest titles can also contain errors, but there’s a crucial difference compared with yesteryear: unlike back then, modern game developers can easily patch a bug, and they’ll do so for free.

That makes games significantly more robust than they were in the past, and if you don’t think that’s a positive thing, then just imagine how you’d feel if the game you’ve been playing for hours on end crashed and you lost all of your progress. We rest our case.