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Parody of vintage British comedy classic

Posted onPosted on 22nd Mar

Fans of the iconic British sitcom Fawlty Towers are in for a treat when a new stage show based on the much-loved 1970s TV show comes to the Mansfield Palace Theatre on Friday (24 March, 7.30pm).

A nationwide theatre tour called Phoney Towers, which pays homage to the comedy that was named the best British TV programme of all time by the British Film Institute in 2000, will be offering charm and mirth.

With John Cleese, the mastermind behind the original show, having recently announced that there’s to be a sequel set in a boutique hotel on a Caribbean island, this stage version is a chance to savour the nostalgia of the classic sitcom.

This show runs at full throttle, featuring the best of loveable characters of Basil (Phil Hoyles), his wife Sybil (Ian Blight) and Manuel (Drew Cameron). It also includes an immersive aspect with audience participation.

Basil is brilliantly mastered with the mannerisms and short temper of John Cleese’s legendary character. The familiar put-upon man, who permanently fears his wife, Sybil, even goose-steps around and throws some infamous lines (“Don’t mention the war”, “He’s from Barcelona” etc) as real crowd-pleasers.

Hapless Spanish waiter Manuel is played by impressionist Cameron, who is in his element by portraying a plethora of legendary comedy icons who include Mr Bean and Victor Meldrew.

Phoney Towers will be playing at the Mansfield Palace Theatre (telephone 01623 463133) on Friday 24 March (7.30pm). Click here for ticket information.