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Cheers! Ex-brewery boss releases new book

Posted onPosted on 16th Dec

The former managing director of Mansfield Brewery has drawn on his experiences there to write his third completed work.

Bitter And Bordeaux, written by Ron Kirk, is a romantic and humorous novel recounting many tales drawn from his time in Mansfield.

To some, the stories will seem pure fiction, but others who worked alongside the author will recognise the bizarre events and the zany characters.

The novel is written with great affection for the beer and wine industries, describing a golden generation before it is lost forever.

Romantic liaisons mixed in equal measure with national and regional rivalries give an extra spice to life in a Bordeaux vineyard and a Nottinghamshire brewery.

Other books available by the author include his first raw attempt at writing, Brexit – The Final Judgment.

The protracted negotiating process forced the publication to be delayed until now.

It is not an academic dissertation but a philosophical journey, aided by a ‘spirit of 250 years ago’. It gives those who voted in the UK Referendum perhaps a validation for their voting decision and a vision for the UK and the EU.

Published in 2018 was ‘But Daddy, What Is A Jew?’, a biography drawn from an unpublished private journal written by an adolescent French boy of Jewish extraction.

It records how a father protected his family from the grasp of the ever-encroaching Nazis during the French Occupation.

Ron said more books were in the pipeline, including an espionage novel on the workings of MI6 and a children’s book written in French.

All his books are published on Amazon, either in paperback or digital form on Kindle.