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Quick-thinking hero Daisy saves her mum’s life — at the age of 4!

Posted onPosted on 21st Dec

Little Daisy Hamer has received a bravery award for coming to the rescue of her unconscious mum by performing lifesaving CPR.

Daisy, then aged 4, went to bed with mum, Aimee Hamer, early in an afternoon last May after Aimee started to feel unwell.

Aimee gave Daisy her phone so she could watch YouTube videos, but then the youngsters had to dial 999 when her mum became unresponsive.

Despite feeling very upset about what was happening, Daisy was able to answer all the questions asked by an emergency medical advisor at East Midlands Ambulance Service.

The brave youngster followed instructions to ensure her mum got the help she needed until an ambulance crew arrived.

That included Aimee and her younger sister, Molly, who was two at the time, performing CPR when it was confirmed that Aimee had stopped breathing.

Now EMAS has given Aimee a bravery award. Ambulance technician Jackie Spate and paramedic Phillip Rowe were first to arrive at the family’s Walesby home on the day, followed by solo response paramedic Jenny Paling.

All three helped to present the award to the now five-year-old Aimee at Walesby Church of England Primary School.

EMAS was very impressed by Daisy’s actions, including being able to give her postcode during the 999 call, using the phonetic alphabet.

Aimee, who lives with a long-term heart condition, vitamin deficiency, and iron deficiency anaemia, struggles on a daily basis with dizziness and extreme tiredness. If the symptoms become too severe, this can lead her to faint.

Because of this, she was keen to teach her four children how to call 999 in an emergency.

Aimee said: “I taught Daisy and my other children the phonetic alphabet by making a rhyme out of our postcode to make it fun and memorable.

“While I’ve had other funny turns previously, the children were never on their own with me because my husband was there to call 999, but Daisy would always get involved by fetching me a cushion and blanket.

“I always knew there may be the possibility that one day I would faint or become unconscious in front of them while my husband was not there, which is why I taught them how to call 999 and not be afraid to do so in an emergency.”

During the 999 call, Aimee stopped breathing momentarily. Daisy tilted her mum’s head back, as instructed by the emergency medical advisor, to check her airway and, with the help of Molly, attempted CPR. This got Aimee breathing again.

Aimee added: “All I remember from that day is going to bed feeling unwell, and the next minute coming around to an ambulance crew, police, and one of our neighbours in my bedroom!

“Daisy is amazing and so grown up for her age.

“After what happened, Daisy has decided that she wants to become either a paramedic or a surgeon when she is older.”