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Oar Blimey transatlantic charity team rowing with dolphins!

Posted onPosted on 10th Dec

Transatlantic charity rowers George Nelson and Russ Davis have managed to make an in-shore call to family for the first time at the end of the first week of their remarkable three-month, 3,500-mile unsupported charity row across the Atlantic Ocean in aid of dementia charities.

The duo – Team Oar Blimey – report that they are currently making good ground, with the wind in their favour, and have reduced their target to less than 3,000 miles.

Their in-shore call to George’s wife, Linda, and her sisters was not very successful because of interference, but the voices of the two rowers sounded upbeat.

Problems with a battery that is not taking a charge from the solar panel means the intrepid duo may need to stop at the Canary Islands to get access to marine solar kits and repairs. They are planning to approach the west side of Lanzarote and travel through the gap with Gran Canaria.

During one of his two-hour rowing stints, Russ had a pod of dolphins dancing around him whilst he was rowing in the dark.
The duo also had a shout on their radio from a tug boat towing a broken down cargo ship, telling them to change course to allow the tug priority.
However, the tug was surprised to find the fundraisers were a rowing boat, and changed direction for them! The tug and ship were more than 1,000m long – massive compared to the tiny Innovation Nottinghamshire Memory boat.
Mansfield brothers-in-law George and Russ set off on a three-month adventure of a lifetime on 1st December, aiming to row unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean and raise £250,000 for two dementia charities. They will each row for two hours at a time and then rest in between.

The 3,500-mile challenge began in front of a small group of supporters in Portugal and the duo want to reach Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

Team Oar Blimey are rowing in a Rannoch Adventure R20, which is just 6.5m long and 1.2m wide, in their bid to help Our Dementia Choir with Vicky McClure and Ladybrook Enterprises.

The rowers can be tracked at or download the YB Races app and add their race, “Oar Blimey Atlantic Ocean Challenge 2023”.

To find out more about the rowing challenge or to help support the cause, visit where you can make a donation or find them on Facebook at