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Buy to let advice

Posted onPosted on 22nd Jan
Buy to let advice

Everywhere you look in the media today, it is full of stories of the growth in buy to let. The amount of time buy to let is mentioned has grown exponentially with the recent news that people will have easier access to their pensions and rumours of them seemingly blowing the money on cars and holidays or supposedly investing in buy to let.

The problem is that good quality, independent and expert advice on buy to let is difficult to get your hands on. Most of the people talking up the property market make money out of you buying and letting, while those that ‘talk it down’ want you to invest in financial assets instead or don’t believe people should be able to own more than one property when we have such a shortage.

Local Nottinghamshire property expert Kate Faulkner, who is also the author of the Which? guide to Renting and Letting and Property Investment Handbook, said: “Despite the huge amount of money being invested in property, few people actually understand the real principles of buy to let investment, how to maximise returns or minimise the costs.”

“Buy to let is to some extent fairly straight forward. You buy at a discount, rent the property out for more money than it costs you to run and sell at a higher price or pass onto your family. However, this isn’t as easy as people think.

“Gone are the days property values double every 10 years, in fact in Nottinghamshire, many properties are selling out for the same price today as they were bought for 10 years ago. Also to make sure you run the property at a profit isn’t always possible when new rules and regulations are pushing up the cost and rents can only rise in line with wage growth, which have been pretty static for the last six to seven years. And when it comes to tax and passing on your property wealth, you need expert, one-to-one, professional help.”

Lettings experts from Belvoir have put together a Buy to Let independent advice event at Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, Nottingham, starting at 5.30pm on Tuesday, 27th January.

The event features Kate Faulkner explaining past, current and future performance of buy to let in Nottinghamshire and how to maximise your returns and minimise costs, while Andrew Chatterton, managing director of Franklyn Financial Management, representing St James’s Place Wealth Management, will speak on exit planning from property investments and general wealth management.

For more information on the event and how to reserve your place, visit