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Initiative to stop infections spreading

Posted onPosted on 9th Oct

Macmillan nurse Sue Stringer and Dr David Kellock saw their artwork displayed across Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust after winning a poster design competition reminding ward colleagues to go bare below the elbows to help reduce the spread of infections.

Both staff members will also receive £25 shopping vouchers and copies of their winning poster designs.

Samantha Annis, Department Leader at Newark Hospital, set up the competition to promote the Government driven ‘Bare below the elbows campaign’.

She explained that Sue’s poster would be featured in the Trust’s adult wards and clinics, and Dr Kellock’s would be featured in the Trust’s children’s wards and clinics

Samantha said: “Thank you to everyone who took part in the poster design competition, choosing a winner was very difficult as the standard was so high.

“We chose Sue and David because their pictures clearly illustrated the ‘Bare below the elbows’ message and were instantly memorable. It’s very satisfying to see their posters placed across the Trust.”

She added: “People expect our staff to look professional and clean in their work uniforms or clothes, this gives them confidence that we are health professionals doing all we can to protect them from infections. I hope the winning posters inspire staff to remain bare below the elbows.”

Sue Stringer, who is a Macmillan Head and Neck Cancer Nurse Specialist at the Trust, said: “I am delighted that I won the competition and feel a great sense of pride when I see my poster featured around the Trust. I would like to thank Samantha Annis for setting up a fun and educational competition and selecting me as a winner.”

Dr David Kellock, Consultant in GUM/HIV at the Trust, said: “This competition was a great way to personalise a national campaign and communicate it on a local platform. Patient safety is always at the forefront of doctors’ minds and being bare below the elbows looks professional and reassuring.”

“I cannot take all the credit for the winning photo as it was a team effort in conjunction with my partner and my children. We all had a lot of fun getting involved in this competition and I hope colleagues take notice of the message.”

Good hand hygiene can be achieved when skin is intact, nails remain short and unvarnished, hands and forearms are free of jewellery, and sleeves are short or rolled securely up to the elbow.