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Helping a boy to walk

Posted onPosted on 10th Feb
Helping a boy to walk

A businessman is raising awareness of a campaign to help a little boy walk.

Alfie Smith, of Awsworth, Nottingham, is allergic to protein, which has had an impact on his growth and development. He needs treatment to help him to walk and play games with his friends, and do activities with his family.

At the moment Alfie cannot walk on his own and needs a walker with wheels to help move around his home and when playing with his friends

He suffers from a condition called Glutaric Acidema type 1, which means if he eats more than 19kg of protein a day it could lead to brain damage.

Mr Michael Williams said: “We need to raise initially £18,000 to help Alfie receive the treatment he needs to help his muscles, grow and be strong using a special type of physiotherapy not available in this country on the NHS.

“This treatment will help Alfie walk and develop into a healthy child, and receive the same education and life experiences as the children in his family and community.

“Let’s help Alfie walk, run, and play and grow into a healthy child and adult. We can make a positive difference in Alfie’s life, and I need your help to make this happen for him.”

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