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Festival of lights at college

Posted onPosted on 27th Oct
Festival of lights at college

An ancient Hindu festival has been celebrated among staff and students at West Nottinghamshire College.

The religious festival of lights, known as Diwali, has seen college campuses decorated with traditional decorations and members of the Students’ Union have been offering sweet and savoury snacks such as coconut burfi, ladoo and gulab jamun for students to try.

Diwali, which is timed to coincide with the darkest night of the month, represents the victory of good over evil and light over darkness and the word literally means ‘a row of lamps’.

The Students’ Union president Will Jordan said: “Many students hadn’t heard of Diwali, but in the SU we’re always keen to inform our learners about the many religious festivals that happen throughout the year and help people understand the history of these festivals and their deeper meanings.

“We’ve had a tray of tea lights burning in the SU block, to represent the key points about Diwali – love, joy, reflection, resolution, forgiveness, light and knowledge.”