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Appeal for puppy parents

Posted onPosted on 6th Mar
Appeal for puppy parents

Dog-lovers in the area are wanted by national charity Canine Partners to take puppies into their homes and begin their early training to be assistance dogs for people with disabilities.

Puppy parents take young dogs, aged around eight weeks, until they are 12-14 months.

The dogs and their puppy parents have to attend a regular training class at the Summit Centre, Kirkby, on Fridays from 10am to noon.

A trainer supports the volunteers in the classes and at home.

Puppy parents teach the assistance dogs basic obedience, social skills and core tasks that are essential before they move on to advanced training, where their skills are refined specifically for a disabled person’s needs.

Supervisor Ronnie Paskouis said: “Although previous experience with dogs is not required, a puppy parent will need to be home most of the day, have a secure dog-friendly garden, enjoy the fun of classes and outings, and have the stamina to manage an active young puppy.

“Canine Partners will provide food and equipment for the puppy and cover all veterinary costs.”

Rachel Ross, 27, of Nottingham, who has cerebral palsy and relies on her canine partner, Chudleigh, said: “There are so many things Chudleigh does for me on a daily basis. He will pick up my mobile phone if I drop it. He helps me undress by taking off my trousers, jackets, tops and socks.”

For details, email nottingham@caninepart