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Teens praised for snow clearing

Posted onPosted on 30th Jan
Teens praised for snow clearing

Teenage siblings Sarah and Mark Miles have been hailed by residents and a council for helping to clear snow for their neighbours.

Sarah, who was named the 2013 winner of the Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham Post’s 4Uth Award for her work in the community and as a young carer for her mum, Sharon, has been clearing snow with her brother for four years.

This week, they again worked in the early morning before school to clear private property pathways for around five neighbours in Willow Avenue.

They said their elderly and disabled residents couldn’t do it themselves and might need to get out for important errands or appointments.

Sharon said: “They have hearts of gold and just want to help others. Sarah has always been an early riser and helps me to get ready in the morning before she and Mark go to school.

“But if there is snow on the ground they will then get outside, sometimes as early as 6.30am, to clear the paths.

“Clearing snow is an important thing for us because once a week I have to go to hospital for injections for arthritis, so I need to ensure we can get out the house in bad weather.

“Sarah and Mark just want to help others who might have similar mobility problems.

“They never accept any money for it. They do it for the community and I am so proud of them for what they do.”
Sarah, 17, and Mark, 16 are both students at Ashfield School. Sarah said: “We feel it is only right to help those who may be in a similar position as we are with our mum. It’s always a pleasure to help our neighbours.”

Sarah picked up her 4Uth award in 2013 in recognition of her dedication in caring for her father in the years before he died from bone cancer in September 2011. As well as caring for her mum, Sarah has taken part in fundraising and has been involved in youth projects.

Coun Liz Plant, vice-chairman of the Children and Young People’s Committee at the county council, said: “We recognised Sarah’s achievements as a young carer and for all she has accomplished at a young age as part of the 2013 4Uth awards. This latest example of her and her brother, Mark, working together to help their neighbours is wonderful news and something else they can be proud of.”