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World recognition for surgeon

Posted onPosted on 13th Oct

A surgeon from King’s Mill Hospital has received world recognition for performing the two millionth NovaSure procedure – a life-changing treatment that helps women control abnormally heavy periods and provides an alternative to invasive hysterectomies.

Srini Vindla, Consultant Gynaecologist and Service Director for Medical Gynaecology at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, has performed nearly 400 NovaSure procedures; 95 per cent of which have been carried out in the outpatient clinic at King’s Mill Hospital since 2010 with a 97 per cent success rate.

Mr Vindla urged women to seek help for abnormally heavy periods and not suffer in silence because NovaSure was safe, effective and quick; and ideal for women seeking to lighten or indefinitely block their periods.

He explained that the procedure was deemed safer than a hysterectomy (removal of the womb through surgery; recovery could take weeks) and worked by applying radio frequency energy to the endometrium (lining of the womb/uterus) to gently remove the lining. The NovaSure procedure took less than two minutes to complete and patients could go home on the same day as recovery was marked in hours.

Mr Vindla is now teaching surgeons from other NHS Trusts, across the UK, how to perform the NovaSure procedure. He said: “I am very pleased that I can offer my patients a treatment that achieves similar results to a hysterectomy without the trauma of a big operation.

“Patients tell me that their lives were severely disrupted due to debilitating periods. They said the treatment offered them the opportunity to get on with their lives without putting it on hold for one to two weeks every month. These women no longer have to worry about bloating, painful cramps or fear social events – many are just happy to wear white again.”

Mrs Lisa Fearn (46), of Selston, said she had benefited from the NovaSure procedure performed by Mr Vindla this year.

The mother of three – Jessica, aged 23, and twins Alexandra and Chloe, aged 20 – said her heavy periods became unmanageable about a year ago.

She said: “I dreaded the time of the month because it meant that I had to put my life on hold. I couldn’t go to work, was in lots of pain and would become very tired.”

About six months ago, Lisa visited her GP who referred her to King’s Mill Hospital. She was also given iron tablets to increase her iron levels as she had become anaemic.

She said: “I probably should have sought help sooner but I wasn’t ready to have a hysterectomy. The doctors at King’s Mill were very helpful and told me about alternative treatments to a hysterectomy.

“I opted for a procedure called NovaSure – which would produce similar effects to a hysterectomy (clear the lining of my womb) without having a big operation.

“The treatment took minutes and I was able to go home half an hour later. I feel better already and am really looking forward to my new found freedom.”

Abnormally heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding (or menorrhagia) is a common gynaecologic condition affecting one in five women in the UK, particularly in the 35 to 49 year age range.

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