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Wizard Of Oz comes to Palace

Posted onPosted on 27th Jan

Oddsocks Productions are staging a comic adaptation of The Wizard Of Oz at the Palace Theatre, Mansfield, on Sunday, 18th February.

Oddsocks has taken a distinctive angle of the renowned tale through the eyes of a different character, one that will surprise audiences.

Writer and Producer Elli Mackenzie talked about why Oddocks chose to re-tell The Wizard Of Oz for an audience today: “To me, the story of O` is about displacement and inventiveness. It’s a wonderful fantasy-tale of embracing new challenges, new surroundings and learning that we all have an inner-resourcefulness and often already have the brain, heart and courage we need. It’s about realising your own potential.

“In today’s world, the younger generation needs to be resourceful more than ever. There are huge challenges that Dorothy doesn’t have to be ‘just’ pigtails and gingham; she’s brave, kind and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

“We hope that audiences leave the theatre with a slightly bigger heart, positively challenged and perhaps a little braver too. But all the while, having enjoyed a great evening of entertainment shared with friends and family!”

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