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Students tell tale of Greek king

Posted onPosted on 2nd Dec
Students tell tale of Greek king

It’s the turn West Nottinghamshire College’s performing arts students to bring their acting skills to the stage at Create Theatre.

Second year BTEC students will be performing Steven Berkoff’s adaptation of Aeschylus’ original Greek play, Agamemnon on Thursday 10 December at 7pm.

The play tells the story of the Greek king Agamemnon after he and his brother, Menelaus, have returned victorious from the Trojan war.

However, Agamemnon’s family are doomed to destroy one another due to their ancestor, Tantalus, incurring the wrath of the gods. The Curse of the House of Atreus comes back to haunt Agamemnon in this play and subsequent plays in the original series, named The Oresteia.

Students will perform in the accentuated and expressionistic style of Berkoff’s total theatre.

Tickets for the show cost £4 and can be purchased by calling 01623 413363 or by visiting