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Sounds of Spain inspire music students

Posted onPosted on 27th Feb
Sounds of Spain inspire music students

The sights and sounds of Spain have given music students at West Nottinghamshire College innovative ideas to create musical projects, songs and performances.

After visiting Barcelona in February, learners on the HND and the BA (Hons) Music programmes are now busy putting their recordings and images together to work on musical compositions and multi-media work based on aspects of Barcelona and Catalan culture.

Activities which inspired their work during the four-day trip were visiting the Sagrada Familia and Parc Guel, designed by Gaudi, seeing musicians and singers at a jazz club as well as hearing a live hip-hop trio making music on analogue synthesisers and drums.

The groups had the opportunity to go on a guided bicycle tour of the Olympic village and the beach, as well as take in the sights of a Roman village under the streets of Barcelona.

Tutor Liam Maloy said: “To be able to visit this lively city provided our students with so much material for them to bring back to their project work.

“By immersing themselves into another country’s lifestyle, culture and traditions, it’s given them new inspiration and expanded their view of music and performance techniques and we’re looking forward to seeing and hearing the results of their research.”