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Join a live mystery adventure game in Mansfield town centre

Posted onPosted on 27th Mar
Join a live mystery adventure game in Mansfield town centre

A one-day live adventure game in the town centre is coming to Mansfield as residents are asked to solve a mystery disappearance

Mansfield Casefile: The Mystery Of The StarEaters is being put on by Mansfield BID and Casebook Events on April 22nd, from 10am-4pm.

The game starts with Detective Inspector Ranney asking for the players’ expertise with a difficult case – the disappearance of Professor Macclesbury, a university professor who was researching Mansfield’s hidden subterranean areas.

The professor was a well-connected man. With pressure coming down on the inspector from the university and the local council – and a pile of backlogged unsolved cases – he has asked people to lend a hand.

Players will be given all the information the detective has on the professor, but the rest is up to them.

A spokesman for the organisers said: “Out of time and out of luck, he’s counting on you to help solve this mystery – but everything isn’t quite as it seems and a dark cloud of conspiracy hangs over the town.

“With twists and turns that include a thousand year-old legend and a mythical ancient treasure, this is one adventure that you’ll never forget.”

More than a dozen secret locations around Mansfield town centre, some usually off-limits to the public, will be taking part in the game.

Players will be able to collect their casefiles at any time in the morning and begin their adventure by following the threads of information – wherever they may take them.

Players can piece together the trail left behind by the professor, question witnesses and solve the puzzles as the incredible story is slowly revealed.

The game will take approximately two to three hours to play with players free to complete it at any time from 10am until 4pm.

A mini-mystery sheet will be provided to under 12 year-olds so they can play alongside the main game.

On the day of the event players need to take their printed tickets to a collection point in Mansfield Market Place from 10am-1pm. (If any tickets are still available on event day they will only be available to purchase from the collection point stand.)

Players will be issued with special ‘consulting detective’ passes (that will gain them entry to participating locations) and their case files.

Players have until 4pm to finish the game. Players may need to climb stairs and will need a smartphone/tablet to access the internet to watch videos.

Entry is £12, but Mansfield BID is offering a £2 discount by used the MANS2OFF code. Under-12s entry is free. Teams of two to six players are welcomed.

To buy a ticket click here.