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How book helps children with their Worries

Posted onPosted on 20th Jul

A former Pleasley woman’s book aimed at helping children understand their worries — however big or small — and how to ask for support has received good reviews.

Rachel Taranaki, who now lives in Cornwall, wrote The Worries in collboration with her former boss, Angela Spencer-Andrea, who owns several children’s nurseries.

It was particularly aimed at children aged up to eight returning to school after the pandemic and has continued to receive praise.

Rachel said she wanted the book to help children find their voice and recognise their fears, but most importantly know how to ask for help.

The Worries features friendly monster characters, representing different worries. A furry yellow monster depicts large worries, while a fun purple bat ensures even the smallest worries are recognised. The story highlights practical ways to tackle worries that children can relate to and shows readers that their worries could fly away.

Author Rachel’s mother, Helen Pooley, who still lived in Pleasley, said she was proud of her daughter for helping children address their mental health concerns.

Family friend Sharon Hartshorn, of Pleasley, said The Worries was helpful for her grandchildren, Logan and Olly.

She explained: “It allows time to discuss the fears of the characters with the storyteller. It stimulates discussion and gives children a safe space to speak about their own fears, which builds confidence to speak up and strengthen resilience.

“It worked with my grandchildren. They had a great discussion about sad and scared faces in the book.

“They talked about what makes them sad and what they do to deal with their feelings.”