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Get a taste of opera at Mansfield Palace Theatre

Posted onPosted on 27th Jul

Mansfield Palace Theatre is breaking down barriers to offer people the chance to discover more about opera — for just £5.

OperaUpClose will be bringing musical storytelling — classics with a twist of humour and drama — through Opera Cocktail, on Wednesday, 20th September.

The show is made up of English versions of music by Puccini, Mozart, Verdi, and Gilbert and Sullivan, accompanied by live piano and cello players. There will also be a post-show talk in the Leeming Lounge, where questions about opera will be answered.

It follows the theatre and adjoining Mansfield Museum becoming an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation — meaning more arts, culture, creativity, and heritage events for the town.

Mansfield District Council Cultural Services manager Sian Booth said: “Maybe you have always fancied trying an opera, but didn’t want to travel to a big city?

“Maybe you associate opera with wearing a posh frock or bow tie and that’s put you off? Maybe you just thought it wasn’t affordable or ‘up your street’? Well, we want to break down those barriers and invite everyone, absolutely everyone, to enjoy a night of classical bangers with us here at Mansfield Palace Theatre.

“We promise you’ll recognise more of the tunes than you expect — think the Champions League theme song or the British Airways TV advert and you have opera classics right there in your daily life without even knowing!

“We want all shows at to be available for everyone. So what if you don’t know the jargon yet? Book your tickets and learn with us as you go. Our post-show talk in Leeming Lounge will answer any questions you might still have after the performance, such as ‘what is an aria’?”

Opera Cocktail runs for an hour to give you a taste of the art form and see if it’s for you. Use the code Cocktail5 to book tickets for £5. online or at the Box Office.

Children’s book Peace At Last, by Jill Murphy, will be performed as an opera in Mansfield Museum in November. Madama Butterfly, performed by the Ukrainian National Opera, is coming to the Palace in March.