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Free tickets to reserve, then pay what you want on the night

Posted onPosted on 23rd Oct

A forthcoming theatre production at The Old Library Theatre, Mansfield, is offering theatregoers the chance to pay what they want on the night after reserving tickets for free.

Stand By Theatre Company is presenting Room At The Top Of The House on 7th November, from 7.30pm.

Josh finds the outside world a fascinating and frightening place. At a time when he is most vulnerable, a room of forgotten things quickly becomes the perfect place for him to escape reality.

His family make a desperate attempt to help him realise there is more to life than photos on a shelf and postcards under the door.

This is an honest and uplifting show about fear and the impact our decisions have on those we care about, told through mesmerising movement, poetic text and visual inventiveness.

The 50-minute show is suitable for ages 12+.

Click here to reserve tickets.