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Birds are back at museum

Posted onPosted on 7th May
Birds are back at museum

Mansfield Museum is going back to the future. It is putting a selection of its birds, butterflies, insects and mammals not normally seen back on display.

More than 10 years ago the century-old museum went in a more child-friendly direction and many items, including a well-known stuffed birds collection, went into storage.

Now some of these items can be seen in The Tin Tabernacle collection, which runs from Saturday, 10th May until Saturday, 21st June.

The exhibition is named after the old nickname for the original museum, a converted corrugated iron church. It features many original specimens from the trinity of turn-of-the-century founders, Messrs Baily, Whitaker and Webb.

Admission is free. For information contact the museum on 01623 463088.