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Regional joy for Sutton swimmers

Posted onPosted on 1st Jun

Sutton Swimming Club (SSC) members had a successful East Midlands Regional Long Course Championship, with personal bests achieved and many swimmers making finals.

Swimmers represented the club or swam on behalf of the Nova Centurion county squad over three galas. With the exception of some distance events (800m and 1500m freestyle) two galas at Corby were for swimmers aged 14 and under, while the Derby gala was for older swimmers.

Leading the way for SSC was Thomas Swales, who competed in eight finals, won seven gold medals, and was named Junior Champion for those events after being fastest across all ages. Also in the 14 years and under section, Aurelia Wawrzyniewicz swam seven races, reaching four finals, and creating seven personal bests.

In the 15 years and over section, Evan Hawley won two bronze medals, while Jake Baugh reached a final and swam five personal bests.

Other swimmers were:

14 and under — Cailen Doud (SSC), Oliver Parkin (SSC), Ellie McKeaney (SSC), Daisy Stirland (SSC), Egor Golubs (Nova), Jack Hill (Nova), Lucia Fiori (Nova), Chloe Morton (Nova), Aurelia Wawrzyniewicz (Nova), Nicola Ablomiejko (Nova), Isabelle Thompson (Nova) and Kayla Godfrey (Nova).

15 and over – Jack Patterson (SSC), Harry McKeaney (SSC), Adam Read (SSC), Amelia Roberts (Nova), Jared Collins (Nova), Liam Hill (Nova), and Tom Trueman (Nova).

From left, Aurelia Wawrzyniewicz, Isabelle Thompson, Daisy Sirland and Ellie McKeaney.

Competing at the first gala at Corby, on the opening day, were Daisy (50m back, 200m free), Cailen (100m breast) Ellie (200m free), Aurelia (50m back PB, 200m breast), Jack (100m breast), Chloe (200m breast), Nicola (200m breast PB), Isabelle (200m breast PB), Kayla (200m breast PB), Thomas (50m free, 200m fly PB). Making the finals were Aurelia, who was seventh in a personal best in the 200m breaststroke, and Thomas, who was fourth in the 50m freestyle and won the 200m butterfly.

The following day featured Ellie (50m free), Daisy (50m free, 200m fly PB), Chloe (100m breast PB), Nicola (100m breast PB), Kayla (100m breast PB, 200m fly PB), Aurelia (100m breast), Isabelle (100m breast), Egor (200m breast), Jack (200m breast PB) and Thomas (200m free, 800m free, and 4×50 team relay).

Daisy took 10 seconds off her previous best to reach the 200m butterfly final, and then shaved a further six seconds off her time to narrowly miss a medal.

Chloe Morton and Kayla Godfrey.

Also making finals were Aurelia, who was sixth in the 100m breastroke (PB), Kayla who was eighth in the 100m breastroke, and Thomas Swales. He won the 200m and 800m freestyle title and also claimed silver with the Nova 4x50m freestyle relay team.

On the opening day of the second gala at Derby, competing were Amelia (15 years 100m free, 200m IM PB), Jared (15 years 100m fly, 100m back), Harry (16 years 100m fly), Tom (17 years and over 100m fly, 200m free), Evan (16 years 100m free PB), Liam (16 years 200m free), and Jake (16 years 100m back PB).

Jared set a personal best in the 100m butterfly final.

The following day featured Jared (15 years 100m free, 200m IM, 50m breast), Evan (16 years 100m free PB, 200m IM, 50m breast), Jake (16 years 100m free, 50m fly PB, 200m IM PB, 50m breast PB), Tom (17 years and over 100m free, 50m fly), Amelia (15 years 100m fly PB, 200m breast, 200m free), Jared (15 years 50m fly), and Harry (16 years 50m fly (reserve finalist).

Making it to the finals on day two were Jared, who recorded personal bests in the 50m butterfly and breastroke; Amelia in the 200m breastroke; and Evan who won bronze in the 50m breastroke. Evan and Thomas also swam for Nova in the 14/16 800m freestyle team that was fourth.

On the final day at Moorways, Amelia (15 years 100m breastroke), Jared (15 years 50m free, 100m breast PB, 50m back), Jack (15 years 50m free PB), Evan (16 years 50m free PB, 100m breast), Jake (16 years 50m free PB, 50m back PB), Harry (16 years 50m free), Tom 17 years and over 50m free)

Making it to the finals on day three were Jared in the 50m breastroke and 100m breastroke; Jake in the 50m backstroke; and Evan who took bronze in the 100m breastroke. Evan and Thomas also swam for Nova in the 14/16 400m freestyle team that was fourth.

The championships switched back to Corby for the third gala.

Competing were Ellie (100m fly), Daisy (100m fly PB, 400m free, 200m IM, 100 back, Thomas (14 years 100m free, 50m fly), Aurelia (14 years 50m breast PB, 200m IM PB, 100m back PB), Kayla (14 years 50m breast PB), Isabelle (14 years 50m breast PB), and Chloe (12 years 200m IM PB),

Reaching finals were Daisy in the 100m butterfly, Thomas in the 100m freestyle and 50m butterfly, Aurelia in the 50m breastroke and 200m IM, and Thomas, who won gold and Junior Champion in the 100m freestyle and took silver in the 50m butterfly with a personal best. He was also part of the boys 11/14 200m medley team that won gold.

On the final day, taking part were Ellie (100m free PB, 50m fly PB), Daisy (100m free, 200m back, 50m fly), Oliver (50m breast PB),
Thomas (14 years 100m fly, 400m free), Aurelia (14 years 200m back PB), Lucia (11/12 years 50m fly), Chloe (11/12 years 50m fly).

Making it to finals on the last day was Thomas, who won gold and junior champion in both the 100m butterfly (PB) and 400m freestyle.