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On the ball with Cloughie podcast

Posted onPosted on 21st Mar

A non-profit podcast in tribute to the legendary football manager Brian Clough has now been downloaded in 60 countries – a year after it was launched by a former Mansfield radio journalist.

The Green Jumper pod features stories and memories about the former Nottingham Forest manager who took the club from the second division to European glory, before winning a host of further trophies.

Former BBC journalist Marcus Alton launched the pod in February 2021 and has since interviewed a range of guests, including former players and journalists, about their memories of the Master Manager.

Marcus was the Mansfield reporter for BBC Radio Nottingham for around 10 years of his 32 years with the corporation. He runs the Cloughie tribute website,, with the support of his family and set-up the group of volunteers who raised the money for the Clough statue in Nottingham.

He has written four books about Clough, including one which featured a foreword by Mrs Clough, and has spoken at several book festivals alongside signing sessions at Waterstones and WH Smiths.

“There’s been a brilliant response to the podcast, with thousands of downloads around the world” says Marcus. “The sixtieth country was notched-up this year – a reminder of Cloughie’s global appeal.”

Podcast guests have included former players such as Tony Woodcock, Paul Hart, Steve Chettle, Gary Mills and Alan Hinton (who linked-up from Seattle); as well as the priest who conducted Clough’s memorial service, the ex-BBC journalist who hosted his first hour-long radio phone-in and the former FIFA referee Keith Hackett.

Another popular episode featured the former Chancellor and Nottinghamshire MP, Ken Clarke, now Lord Clarke. “He told me some incredible stories I’d never heard before,” says Marcus.

“Although Brian and Ken were on the same side when it came to football, they were obviously on opposite sides politically. Lord Clarke told me how Cloughie had sometimes joined protests outside the Conservative MP’s constituency office in Rushcliffe on the mornings before a match.

“As a staunch socialist, Cloughie would support the protest if it was a political cause he felt strongly about. But Lord Clarke said the gatherings would deter some of his older constituents from going to see him.

“So – at a rare time when results were not going particularly well – Ken Clarke, who regularly watched Forest, had a word with Cloughie and jokingly said he’d organise his own protest outside the City Ground if things continued. I think a friendly truce was agreed!”

The podcast is available on all major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts and Spotify (search for Green Jumper).

The series also helps to promote the non-profit tribute website,, which raises money for the types of good causes Brian supported, including the NSPCC. The Green Jumper pod (@GreenJumperPod) is available at