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On the run to help children

Posted onPosted on 18th Apr

Rainworth man Shahid Akhtar ran more than 200km during Ramadan while fasting to make a small difference to children in deprived countries.

Shahid, a pharmacist and father of four, ran at least 6km every day, starting from around an hour before sunset.

He has raised more than £7,500, which ill be donated to Charity Right. It will use the money to provide free school meals for children in some of the most deprived countries, such as Bangladesh, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia.

Shahid, who completed a similar challenge last year, when he ran 150km, said: “It was really tough but you realise the amazing things your body can do.

“You run on empty because you have no fuel, but it’s doable.

“I wanted to do something this Ramadan to help make a small difference to those who do not have the luxury of regular food on their tables.

“For the majority of us, we do not have to worry where our next meal is coming from or how we will be able to feed our families. It’s something that we take for granted, unfortunately.”

Shahid, who is a regular runner, trained for the challenge by running on an empty stomach in the morning.

People can still donate to Shahid’s fundraiser at