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No waste at Wynndale

Posted onPosted on 16th Oct
No waste at Wynndale

Wynndale Primary School, Mansfield, has great outdoor spaces to help children to learn, such as raised vegetable beds, a new Global garden, a fruit orchard and hedgerows.

A recent addition was a tumble composter, donated by the Nottinghamshire County Council programme Schools Waste Action Club (SWAC).

The self-contained composter can be turned easily to help waste rot down quickly into good-quality compost.

There is an increased awareness of waste collection in school, with collection bins in each classroom and in the staff room.

Compost monitors are responsible for collecting the waste each day. The school’s Eco Club members are responsible for making sure the compost bin is turned to help the decomposing process and for emptying it when the compost is ready.

SWAC hopes the knowledge gained by pupils and staff will help them support sustainable waste management in the home.

Kathy Swanwick, Wynndale’s Eco Club leader, pictured with the Eco Club committee, said: “We are grateful to SWAC for the tumble composter.

“Composting in school can be problematic so to have a self-contained composter that is fun for the children to use is of great benefit.

“We will be able to improve our soil to grow great vegetables.”