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National recognition for police officer’s bravery

Posted onPosted on 20th May

A courageous police dog handler tracked down an attacker in Mansfield Woodhouse who left him with a serious seven-inch slash wound that exposed his skull.

Now Pc Chris Duffy, who had been arresting his attacker’s brother at the time, has been nominated for a Police Federation of England and Wales Bravery Award.

The national accolade follows the officer’s bravery being recognised with the Ged Walker Award at the Nottinghamshire Police Force Awards.

Chief Constable Kate Meynell said it was presented for outstanding bravery and professionalism when subjected to a brutal and unprovoked attack while performing his duty as a police officer.

Chris was told he was lucky not to have suffered life-ending or life-altering injuries when he was struck with a weapon and then subjected to a sustained assault once on the ground.

He was forced to take a month off work to recover from his injuries, which also included a black eye. His police dog, Reno, was also injured.

They had been called initially to The Sunnydale Inn in Mansfield Woodhouse after reports a group was threatening to smash windows and assault the landlord.

Reno tracked down and detained a suspect and as Chris searched him, he was struck violently from behind.

Chris recalled: “I remember the thud of the blow, being kicked to the left side of my body. He stood over me, throwing a volley of punches towards my head, hitting me all over my face and body.”

Despite the attack, the officer kicked his attacker away, while keeping the arrested suspect under control. A short while later he chased down his attacker.
Simon Riley, chair of Nottinghamshire Police Federation, said: “Chris’s bravery is astounding. He was the victim of a brutal and sustained assault with a weapon, from behind and with no warning.

“For Chris to have managed to maintain control and complete the arrest of the first suspect is remarkable enough, but to then give chase after the second suspect, despite his horrific injuries, and still have the presence of mind to think forensically is absolutely heroic.

“His actions on the night of 11th March, 2023, undoubtedly assured that a violent and highly dangerous criminal was taken off the streets.”

Chris said: “I am extremely proud to be nominated for the award. It is very nice to receive such recognition for the incident.

“It is humbling to know colleagues think highly enough of my actions during the incident to nominate me for such an award.

“The nomination will mean a lot to my family and fiancé, who have supported me throughout. It was a fantastic team effort on the night.”

The two brothers have been jailed.