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Money matters for students

Posted onPosted on 2nd Apr
Money matters for students

Students from West Nottinghamshire College have been improving their financial, enterprise and employability skills as part of Barclays Money Skills Week this week.

Money Skills Week is a money management programme for students at further education colleges across the UK and is now in its fourth year.

Staff in the college’s health and welfare team have been running a series of money-related activities across all college campuses, which also touch on enterprise and employability, to provide students with the tools they need to stay in control of their finances and achieve their future goals.

There has been a range of activities aimed at helping students to save cash, including fashion students who will be modelling outfits costing £20 to £80 to prove that you can dress Fab Without a Fortune. Students will have to guess the price of each outfit.

Public services students offered fellow students advice on how to save money on their car insurance.

Students on catering courses ran a Brand Vs Value food stall, challenging students to pick out branded foods against special value foods and highlighting the cash savings that can be made when shopping.

Music students gave advice students how to download films and music legally to save cash and will be offering a range of music downloads at the events.

Student advisor Mark Cantrill said: “In previous years our money saving advice has been really beneficial to students who have many things to balance financially. This may be funding their course books, travel, accommodation, food and lots more.

“It can be quite a burden to be a student and managing finances so we hope that our Money Skills Week has helped students to understand their finances and have confidence with their budgets.”

Pictured are Laura Millward, Hannah Peacock, Hollie Corton and Andreea Juganaru taking fashion to an affordable level.