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Helping single people find accommodation

Posted onPosted on 10th Apr

Mansfield District Council has introduced a new housing scheme, SOLAR (Sharing or Letting a Room), which helps single people to find rooms in properties in the private rented sector.

The scheme matches people to a house shared with other single people, or a room in a property that is currently occupied by a family or couple.

It is designed to help people who are at risk of becoming homeless, or need to downsize their current property because it has become unaffordable following the new under occupancy changes brought in by the government as part of welfare reform.

The scheme can help tenants by offering:

Financial help with a deposit through a bond guarantee
High quality houses, flats and rooms to rent
Access to a tenancy and landlord support service
Help with paying the first rent payment if it is required in advance through the council or Nottingham Credit Union
Support to access employment or training

Portfolio holder for tenancy services and special housing needs Coun Mick Colley said: “This excellent new scheme is designed to help single people, who are at risk of losing their home to find high quality accommodation.

The council can assist with the costs of setting up a new home in the private rented sector by providing a loan to enable people to pay their rent or deposit in advance.

“Our tenancy support officers will be able to provide support throughout the process and can help applicants to fill out forms.”

Each applicant is considered on an individual basis. If you are interested in applying for the SOLAR scheme, contact the Council’s Landlord Liaison Officer on 01623 463 121, or email [email protected]