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Four tips for making a room feel bigger 

Posted onPosted on 4th Dec

At one point we have all moved into a new flat or house and wanted the room to be bigger. Luckily there are some small changes that you can do to your room to make it feel bigger. In this guide, we explore tips for making a room feel bigger. 

Use lighting effects

When wanting your room to appear bigger, you should consider Installing lots of overhead lighting as the more well-lit a room is, the larger it will seem. Add lighting fixtures like recessed ceiling lights, chandeliers, and pendant lights to brighten up all corners. When controlling the light, you should use dimmers & layers as dimmable bulbs allow controlling brightness.

Mirrors are always needed so you should add mirrors & metallics that have been strategically hung mirrors reflect and amplify light. A nice touch would be to add metallic finishes on lamps, frames and accessories and also bounce light around. Cool-toned lighting containing blue wavelengths feigns distance better than warm lighting which means brighter white light perceptions expand tight spaces.

Minimize clutter and bulky furniture

Doing things such as cleaning out clutter is a small task that makes a big difference. You should clear out accumulated clutter that reduces usable square footage, so store, donate or trash items you don’t use or need to avoid taking up unnecessary room.

You could consider replacing any large, weighty furniture pieces that dominate a room with lighter and leggier alternatives that take up less visual space. Adding legs or risers to lift beds, couches, shelves and tables off the floor tricks the eye into seeing more negative space making ceilings seem taller, this is a small tip but always works.

You should consider getting glass doors to make the room visually appealing and create a perfect room in your flat or house.

Strategic paint and flooring choices

There are so many colours to choose from but if you want your room to appear bigger then you will want to use soft neutral wall colours. If you stick to light, the subtle wall colours like off-white, pale grey, or beige recede visually to fake wall distance but avoid dark bold hues closing in.

There is so much that you can do with paint, gloss wall paint contains resins reflecting more light while matte absorbs light, feeling darker and more cave-like. Therefore, gloss enlarges any small rooms. Colours can do a lot to a room, like Light, bare flooring extends outward with fewer visual boundaries while medium to dark carpets or rugs shrink space. Polished wood, glossy tiles, or high-shine laminate flooring mirror overhead lighting sources onto ceilings lifting them higher.

Extend views beyond walls

Curtains are always the finishing touch to a room, so when choosing and placing your curtains in the room, you should think about where is the best place to accentuate the room. You should hang curtains high and wide. Mount curtain rods or tracks as close to the ceiling as possible and extend them past the windows’ width to frame more outdoor light and create an airy architecture.

A small tip that really can create a big illusion is to add a Focal Point Hang art, a tapestry or a framed mirror on the wall opposite windows to double visual dimensions with the illusion of depth between focal features. While size constraints can’t be changed, various affordable illusion tricks make rooms feel airier. The right lighting, colours, arrangements and mirrors visually open up even cramped spaces.