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Flowering daffodils in January

Posted onPosted on 28th Jan
Flowering daffodils in January

The changeable winter weather that has seen temperatures fluctuate between below freezing to more mild conditions has resulted in some unusual events in the area’s natural habitats.

Nottinghamshire County Council ranger Rich Hand took this picture of a daffodil that is now in flower at Rufford Abbey country park alongside snowdrops – a few weeks ahead of when they would be expected.

Rich said: “The slightly warmer soil temperature has played a part in encouraging the daffodils to start to flower so early, even though there could be more cold weather to come.”

Also at Rufford, there have also been a lot of bird spotters this winter enjoying bird watching such as the Buzzard and the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and the Hawfinch, which is grazing on the buds of lime trees. The latter two birds have been seen in the last three weeks.

Nottinghamshire County Council Community Liaison Officer Sue McDonald, who is based at Bestwood Country Park, says neither snowdrops or daffodils have appeared there yet.

Winter thrushes such as fieldfares and redwings are feeding up before making the journey in a few weeks to Norway and Scandinavia. Sue added: “There is a fine line that migrating species have to make between deciding when to travel and not. If there is still a good source of food they will delay travelling even if there is a risk of more cold weather ahead.”

At Sherwood Forest, long tailed tits, buzzards and jays have been seen in the country park over the last few weeks.

There are a number of events taking place at Nottinghamshire’s country parks over the next few weeks. For more details, visit the Nottinghamshire County Council website: