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Codie has not missed one day of secondary school in five years

Posted onPosted on 8th May

A 16-year-old student who has not missed a day of secondary school, stretching back five years, has picked up an award for her remarkable 100% attendance record.

Codie Darby never failed to turn up to Shirebrook Academy for the 965 days that she was required to attend since joining the school as an 11-year-old in 2014.

Her achievement earned her the Attendance Award at the annual awards ceremony held by the school’s academy chain, the Aston Community Education Trust.

Two other Shirebrook students also came away with prizes on the night. Kian Tansley won the ACET Sports Award, and Ben Clarke picked up the ACET Writer Award.

The trust holds its awards every year to celebrate the achievements of students across all of its junior and secondary academies.

Nine Shirebrook students were nominated for awards in a variety of areas, including science, sport, art and English, and faced competition from category winners at the trust’s other secondary academies, Aston Academy and Swinton Academy, both in Rotherham.

Kian won the sports award thanks to his commitment to coaching and to his all-round athletic ability, not least his football skills, which have earned him a place in Chesterfield FC’s Under-18s team.

Ben, meanwhile, won his award for his English skills, which he has put to good use by writing articles for a national education magazine and a local newspaper.

Other Shirebrook students at the awards were Kadi Glover, Ilona Esanu, Lauren Coleman, Wiktoria Poparda and Carla Bagshaw, who is Shirebrook’s current Student of the Year.

Mark Cottingham, principal at Shirebrook Academy, said: “Codie’s attendance record is remarkable and adds to her reputation in school as someone who is brilliant at everything, whether it’s sports, music, languages or whatever else she embarks on.

“We are extremely proud of her and our other category and overall ACET winners, all of whom epitomise what it’s possible to achieve when you combine talent with hard work and a commitment to learning.

“Shirebrook Academy has benefited enormously from joining the ACET Trust and nights like the awards underline the high standards that are expected and achieved across the trust.

“It was a wonderful night and a wonderful opportunity for everyone to recognise our students who have done us, their parents and themselves proud.”

Such is the dedication of students at ACET schools that judges could not separate Codie from the Attendance Award winners from Aston and Swinton, who also had 100% attendance and so shared the prize between them.

She said: “I’m really proud to have achieved this award, through perseverance and dedication. I am really grateful for this recognition.”

Pictured are Shirebrook Academy students Kian Tansley, Codie Darby, Lauren Coleman, Carla Bagshaw, Ilona Esanu, Wiktoria Poparda, Ben Clarke and Kadi Glover, who represented the school at its trust’s awards.