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Trusted PPE’s battle with Google and Amazon to supply low-cost PPE

Posted onPosted on 14th May

Mansfield-based PPE provider, Trusted PPE, has expressed its outrage at the barriers it has been facing to get its supply of high quality, low-cost Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) out to the eyes of the public.

The PPE provider is offering one of the lowest prices for face masks on the market, yet is being restricted by the likes of Google and Amazon to promote these products.

Trusted PPE has already provided more than ten million masks to support frontline workers, councils and the NHS direct from source. Fortunately the company experienced ‘word of mouth’ success to gain momentum on referrals, due to its ethical and non-profiteering approach in supplying PPE.

However, with the business now widening its offering to the general public through selling lower quantities of the products, it took to the likes of Google Ads and Amazon to advertise.

Amazon recently rejected the PPE provider’s advert listings as the company was not part of the giant’s preferential sellers list.

Trent Peek, managing director at Trusted PPE, explained: “There is a monopoly that is disallowing the distribution of vital PPE supplies when it is critical to the public and to save human lives. We sell our certified equipment in bulk to the trade and to consumers who are being asked by the central government to wear protective equipment.

“We locate and connect vital stock for care homes and the workplace, and are guaranteeing the availability at the correct price to help our country and economy follow the rules. This feels like a monopoly which may cost lives. When the likes of Google and Amazon, who own the world’s biggest selling tools restrict the searches to companies which are charging exploitative prices for life-saving products, it ignites sheer disappointment and disbelief.”

After filing multiple complaints about the barriers Trusted PPE has faced to get its products to market, a representative at Google Ads replied: “If an advertiser was an advertiser with Google Ads and they had ads for these items previous to the global incident, they could be allowed to continue. They would not be deemed someone new trying to promote bogus items and/or make money off of this incident.”

There has been a sharp rise in PPE cowboys who are profiteering from the crisis. Trusted PPE obtains and has provided all certification and paperwork needed to confirm its authenticity and quality standards in the equipment it sells and for the reliable manufacturing source it directly works with in China.

However, the company added “When a representative from Google insinuates that a fully certified, low-cost supplier could be selling ‘bogus’ items, it really is time to wonder how we will overcome this pandemic together when global giants prioritise their bank balance over the safety of human lives.”