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New business a shining example of town’s success

Posted onPosted on 13th Jun

A fledgling Mansfield business has already proved it is a cut above the rest.

Celsius Hair, which was set up to repair and sell hair straighteners, launched a new heat protection product — Ceramic Heat Protect & Shine Spray — earlier this year and has already won rave reviews for its unique approach.

It is not water-based like similar products on the market and claims to have reinvented the way people protect their hair from tools such as hair straighteners.

Owner Jonathan Marsh, (33), of Sutton, has also praised the Mansfield team effort behind the firm’s rapid development — saying the town has a terrific business talent in many areas that often goes unnoticed.

Jonathan (pictured), a former pupil of Manor School, Mansfield Woodhouse, said: “There is an amazing talent in Mansfield. As I begin to network more nationally with people, I intend to always source the help of local companies.

“It has been a real homegrown effort. I’m a true believer in using local business first — something that I was advised against when launching a nationwide product.”

The company’s website was created with the help of Mansfield business dijitul and it has had product trials and expert advice from Mansfield hairstylists.

All printing of advertising material is done locally and a promotional video, which can be seen on Facebook and YouTube, was put together by Little Mountain Media in Mansfield.

Jonathan said: “When it came to making a promotional video you would think that we would have had to look further afield, but we didn’t. For such a tiny company, it has done a breathtaking job.

“I have also been impressed with the expertise of the dijitul team, who have done other projects with me in the past.”

He started Celsius Hair, which is part of The Centrefield Group of Companies based at The Broadway Industrial Estate, Mansfield, in April — having set up We Repair Ghd in 2013.

“After retailing and repairing leading brands, we began to sell hair products too with many linked to heat styling,” said Jonathan.

“One afternoon we talked about how many people used the heat protection sprays that we sold and asked ourselves if they did any good. We looked into the ingredients and found all the brands we researched had the word aqua as one of the main ingredients.

“We thought that people don’t heat-style their hair when it’s wet, so why would aqua be of any use in a protection spray?

“We then went out and found every hair protection product available. Many were top-end brands and market leaders, but the trend continued — 80% were water based.”

The company decided to create a heat styling spray that properly protected hair as well as making a noticeable difference.

Jonathan said: “Heat-activated shine was our big idea, but was it possible? We sourced a group of great stylists to help us with development, a manufacturing specialist to help us creatively and practically, and a seriously clever team that knew everything about science and formulations.”

Celsius Hair has now launched the Ceramic Heat Protect & Shine Spray, which, it says, contains no water or oil, causes no damage and creates a heat-activated shine.

“Aqua-based products simply don’t offer the protection needed under such extreme heats. They simply evaporate away, often leaving hair dry and brittle over time,” added Jonathan.

“We also avoided using oils, as these can be too heavy and greasy for most people’s hair.

“The new spray is designed to laminate the hair as you apply heat. This locks in the hair’s natural moisture and in turn promotes shine and long-term strength, but without any nasty residue being left behind.”

For more information on the company and its products, which it plans to expand, go to and