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‘Expensive office move was essential for hybrid workers’

Posted onPosted on 18th May

Kirkby-based print, design and web agency Summit Creative has invested in a new office while still providing the flexibility for staff to work from home. Here owner CHELSEA PEEK explains why she believes that, despite the office being a part-time base for her team, an expensive office move is worth every penny for the wellbeing of her team.

We have always provided flexibility to the team and allowed them to work from home as much as they’ve needed, yet the overwhelming response I received is that they want and need the stimulation of the team environment and would hate to lose it.

The office move forced the Summit Creative directors to think differently about the space they have created for their team. The main aim for me was that it was inspiring and collaborative.

As well as a formal desk area, the main feedback the team provided was that their office time is for collaboration.

They often joke that on the days they are in the office they don’t get any ‘real’ work done, but I always argue that it is on these days when the magic happens!

It’s our innovation time, when we can bounce ideas off one another, get decisions made quickly, and agree on activities that move the business forward. We work well remotely, but the focus that is now blended across the two environments is what is yielding the best results for us right now.

The Summit Creative team has also experienced how a hybrid working approach benefits their clients

Our business development director Tina Brown explains: “Now we are getting back to in-person meetings, I see how clients have yearned for personal contact. We are now able to offer a space for them to meet us that is inspiring and provides them with support. We have a photography studio, dedicated samples space, and meeting facilities, as well as a library area. A lot of our clients are now working remotely the majority of their time, which is why we regularly have our more local clients popping in for a catch-up and a break in the isolation that remote working can bring.”

A dedicated advocate for wellness in the workplace, Chelsea said that has inspired the design of their new environment.

I’m a firm believer that our physical environment directly impacts our mental wellbeing. More space offers more flexibility. Having a sanctuary within your work environment is essential in preventing the overwhelm that so many of us experience.

We have mental health first aiders on the team and provide regular wellness sessions too. It is well documented that business success is a by-product of a well cared-for team, so to me looking after their mental wellbeing is an essential part of running a business.”