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Ex-policeman who won bravery award aims to arrest loneliness

Posted onPosted on 27th Sep

A retired police officer has launched a new initiative to provide a paid-for companionship service for lonely people who may want to go out, but have no one to go with them.

Glyn Brown, 60, of Skegby, who was an officer with Nottinghamshire Police and also in Bermuda, says he hopes his new venture — Two’s Company — will help people to be happy and enjoy themselves.

The idea for the new company came after Glyn visited his mother for several years in a local care home and took her out for day trips.

“For several years my mother lived in a local care home so, very frequently, I used to take her out to the theatre — for lunch or just for a coffee and a chat, which she loved,” he said.

“Sadly my mother passed away in January, but I identified that there were a lot of ladies and gentlemen who just wanted some friendly company for conversation and laughter — and I believe I can offer that.

“I want people to be happy and enjoy themselves going to places where they want to go — and I am positive that my new venture will provide this.”

Glyn, a volunteer driver for the Ambulance Service, has set himself up as an executive companion with an executive car, ready to take customers to a place of their choice.

Happily married, he said: “If you want someone just to talk to, go out for lunch or dinner with, or go to the theatre or for a day out somewhere of your choice, then please call me for an initial interview at your chosen location, free of charge. Two or three persons are also very welcome.”

Glyn will have plenty to talk about to any companions as during his career with the police he:

Was awarded the Queen’s Police Commendation for Brave Conduct in Bermuda for fighting off and arresting a drug supplier who had two guns.
Worked as a police officer with ice skating legend Christopher Dean in Nottingham.
Was called to reports of famous actress Bo Derek illegally sunbathing naked in Bermuda.
An hourly fee scale plus expenses applies for Glyn’s companion service. Call him on 07749 565100 or email [email protected] for further information.

Glyn has also launched a new company offering cars for weddings — Congratulations Wedding Car Services.