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Double sustainability award success for hospital partnership

Posted onPosted on 7th Dec

A Mansfield company has been recognised for its work to help hospitals reduce anaesthetic gas emissions.

BPR Medical’s work to trial a nitrous oxide conversion unit with Newcastle Hospitals and Medclair was the overall winner in the innovation category of this year’s Sustainability Partnership Awards.

It has also been shortlisted in the sustainability achievement category at the 2023 HSJ Partnership Awards.

Nitrous oxide is used by 80% of women in labour in the UK. It is also used widely in other hospital departments, from endoscopy to dentistry.

The gas is one of the most environmentally harmful anaesthetic gases, with a global warming potential 298 times that of carbon dioxide (CO2). However, BPR and Medclair can capture the nitrous oxide and converts 99% of the gas to harmless nitrogen and oxygen.

Richard Radford, managing director of BPR Medical, said: “The gas has a significant impact on the environment and can also affect working conditions for staff.

“There is now a solution though that is already being used in hospitals across the UK.”

The head of sales and marketing at BPR Medical, Safoura Sardari, said: “Not only is this a huge honour for us, but a chance to celebrate working with the great team at Newcastle Hospitals and our Swedish partners, Medclair.

“It has given our team confidence as we look to scale out our project across the NHS.

“We hope this can inspire further collaboration in developing innovative solutions to help the NHS reach its net zero goals.”

TOP: Mum Kaja Gersinska became the first person in the UK to use climate-friendly pain relief during labour thanks to the partnership between BPR Medical, Newcastle Hospitals and Medclair.