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Cut-price TV aerials warning

Posted onPosted on 25th Sep
Cut-price TV aerials warning

A Mansfield company that installs TV aerials is warning residents about cut-price offers on internet search engines such as Google and what it described as a “£45 aerial myth.”

Orbital TV Aerials, based at the Ransomwood Business Park, said people searching for aerial installers using search engines would find ads claiming a full service for around £45.

The company said: “Naturally most people will look at this and think: “Excellent, what a reasonable price.”

“However, unfortunately, this is a complete and utter myth​. Many people claim that they will come and install your new aerial for just £45, but in reality what you will actually get, is a small, low quality aerial bolted onto your existing broken one.

“The installation company will then run a cable from that aerial through your window and into your home, leaving you with an ugly mess on the side of your home, and an aerial with questionable at best reception quality.

We don’t do this at Orbital TV Aerials because we believe it is deceptive and wrong.

“It’s always better to pay that little bit more than to pay for one of these cut-price botch jobs.

“If you have been caught out by this in the past, please share your story and pictures with us, and help us spread the message to your friends, family, and people across the country so that everyone can be more educated about this and we can put a stop to people being tricked into such deals.”