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Company promotes back care awareness

Posted onPosted on 1st Oct
Company promotes back care awareness

Mansfield-based office interior company Working Chairs & Interiors is doing its bit in the fight against back pain by promoting Back Care Awareness Week.

The event, from 5th to 9th October, is led by the charity BackCare and aims to highlight back-related problems that plague a large percentage of the modern-day workforce.

In 2013, 31 million sick days were taken due to back, neck and muscle problems, a large
number of which were caused by unsuitable office chairs and improper working positions.

Back pain is the second biggest reason for work absences in the UK – something that Working Chairs & Interiors want to put a stop to.

Managing director Dave Hartshorne said:”I started with back problems around the age of 24 and have had two spinal operations with a third pending.

“Following a car accident earlier in 2015 I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and epidural fibrosis, which means I have to take even more care with my back.

“Many people are going through what I have been through simply because they are not treating their back properly. It may not seem like a problem at the time, but people slouch and fidget all day long at work and don’t think anything about a little ache.

“But that little ache can turn into something much more serious.

“Many office chairs are simply not suitable for the user’s job role or environment. It’s key when choosing any seating option to ensure that it clearly states that it is suitable for eight or 24-hour use. It’s the duty of an employer to provide their staff with comfortable and suitable chairs.

“Failing to do so means they are letting them down and putting their health at risk. We are extremely happy to support a cause such as Back Care Awareness Week, and will be holding a sale on all of our ergonomic, back-friendly chairs.”