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Broadband boost for Mansfield

Posted onPosted on 14th Aug
Broadband boost for Mansfield

The managing director of family-run Mansfield business Jephson Shopfitters, Ian Jephson, has spoken about the positive impact of fibre broadband for businesses in the town.

Thousands of homes and businesses in the area have access to superfast broadband, putting many Mansfield businesses one step ahead of their competition.

Ian, whose company has a customer portfolio that includes national companies such as Costa Coffee, KFC and Pizza Hutt, said: “Years ago customer plans and drawings would go back and forth in the post. Now communication needs to be instant, our business demands high-passing of information for alterations and detailed planning to go to not just one person, but several people involved in a project.

“Previously, we may have lost a contract due to the delay in communication. With a fibre broadband connection it allows us to do this efficiently and puts us on a level-playing field with other companies based throughout the UK.

“We are in an advantageous situation and it puts a positive view on not just our organisation, but the entire local business community.”

He told BBC Radio Nottingham the town partly had Mansfield 2020 — and his board member mother, Kath — to thank.

Ian said: “As part of her role she went out to 200 local business members and asked ‘What is preventing business growth?’ She was told a broadband connection was one of the key factors holding businesses back.
“Mansfield 2020 made contact with BT and worked closely with them to ensure Mansfield was moved up the list for connection.”

The scheme is part of the £20m Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire (BBfN) programme, which is building on the commercial rollout of fibre broadband by the private sector in the county. It will result in 95% of homes and businesses in the county having access to the high-speed, fibre network during 2016.

Kath said: “As a business development organisation we are funded completely by our membership fees. In return, we lobby and campaign to make vital changes needed for business growth. This has been on our agenda since 2011.

“In the background we are always building relationships with key partners to make things happen and put Mansfield on the map. This demonstrates how partners and businesses can work together to make positive changes.

“We have already exceeded the 95% target for the UK and Mansfield will be 97.7% connected upon completion, which according to the BT rollout schedule will be within a matter of weeks.”

Coun Diana Meale, chair of the economic development committee at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: ‘All credit to 2020 for its campaign to improve broadband speeds for Mansfield businesses. Members knew the internet could make it more competitive nationally and internationally.”

If you have any business issues or would like to be a part of an organisation that drives business growth and connects businesses locally contact Mansfield 2020 visit for more details.

Pictured is Kath Jephson and 2020 board members.