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Toffee Hut

Toffee Hut
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I’ve been making pastries, cakes, gateaux’s, tarts, pies, biscuits, breads and sweets for the majority of my years, having spent an inordinate amount of time with my beautiful, and oh so patient, grandma, growing up. I hold her responsible for developing my sweet tooth. I fondly remember being only a few years old, and she passed me a stick of freshly cut rhubarb and a bag of sugar, to ‘dip in’ as she would say. Growing up, treat nights didn’t come much better than Bonfire Night, especially when it came to TOFFEE….and that’s how the Toffee Hut began! I’ve perfected the recipe since those early years, making it creamier and richer with a smooth and chewy buttery taste. I’ve developed a variety of flavours and added extra ingredients for a different texture and bite. My personal favourites being Salted Peanut and Black Jack, as well Original! I make everything by hand and still use a hammer to break up the toffee the ‘old fashioned’ way. I’m working on bringing you more flavours and products, as time goes on, and sincerely hope you enjoy! If you get chance please email me to let me know what you think [email protected] or if you have any new recipe ideas you would like to share or new flavours you would like to see on the shopping list.…I’m always open to suggestions!

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14 Regent St, Mansfield


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