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Bat event in library

Posted onPosted on 1st Oct
Bat event in library

If you go down to Mansfield Woodhouse Library on Saturday, 4th October from 10am until noon, you’ll be able to learn about bats at the free Bat-tastic event.

Organised by the Mansfield Woodhouse Society with support from Nottinghamshire County Council, the event will include tips to make your home and garden a bat friendly location and information about the types of food they eat.

Bat inspired craft events for families will also be on offer including ‘Bouncy Bats’ and a bat themed trail.

Around 12 different bat species live in Nottinghamshire, including the Daubenton’s bat and the rare Serotine bat.

Mansfield Woodhouse is a popular bat spotting area due to the mix of Jacobean and Georgian buildings, which offer ideal roosting sites.

As the winter weather draws closer, bats start to hibernate to conserve energy through the cold weather. The best time to see bats is around dusk when they leave their roost to look for food like moths and mosquitoes.

Sheila Mcfarlane, from the Mansfield Woodhouse Heritage Link, said: “Our free event aims to get people closer to understanding bats and to discover more about how our village’s fantastic 300 year old historical buildings help to provide ideal homes for these nocturnal creatures.”

Forthcoming free events at the Mansfield Woodhouse Heritage Link include:
• Meet a First World War soldier on Saturday 1 November
• Heritage Link Christmas party – Saturday 6 December.

The Mansfield Woodhouse Heritage Link is based at Mansfield Woodhouse Library and includes a huge range of archive material about the town’s past.

The Link is managed by the Mansfield Woodhouse Society, group of local volunteers who share a passion for bringing to life the rich and varied history of the village.

The group meets at 7pm on the last Monday of each month (excl May and August) in the lounge at the Turner Hall. Annual membership is £7 or pay as you attend at £1.50 per meeting. To find out more contact the Mansfield Woodhouse Library on 01623 621781 to chat to a volunteer.