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All-ages disco to break down ageist perceptions

Posted onPosted on 14th Mar

Vicky McClure’s Our Dementia Choir is hosting an all-ages disco as part of Ageism Action Week on Sunday, 17th March.

The See and Be Seen All Ages Disco will feature bright neon clothing and merchandise, with the aim to create an inclusive way to combat ageism and promote the universality of music.

Organisers said they hope the disco would be a powerful tool in breaking down age-related barriers, by showcasing that people can enjoy music, dance, and socialise across generations – helping to challenge ageist attitudes and perceptions.

They added: “Certain songs or genres of music can evoke memories from various periods of life. To encourage intergenerational conversations, we will ask participants to tell us one of their favourite songs and a memory associated with it. Some of these songs will be played at the event, so the playlist for the disco will be determined by the audience.”

Vicky said: “Not only do Our Dementia Choir sing brilliantly, they dance brilliantly too! It’s such a great feeling when the music takes over and before you know it, choir members are on their feet. Our See and Be Seen disco is for all ages and music lovers, this coming Sunday at the Metronome, such a cool space. It’s events like this that bring people together, evoke memory through music and a positive way to spend a Sunday afternoon.”

Jess Johnson, of Our Dementia Choir, said: “Anti-ageism plays a huge role in what we stand for. We aim to break down the stigma around dementia only affecting the elderly as this is quite simply not the case. Our All Ages Disco aims to educate society and demonstrate that no matter what age, we can come together, dance and have a great time.”

Tickets for the event on Sunday, 17th March, at Metronome in Nottingham, from 3pm to 6pm, cost £2.50, under-16s go free, and are available at