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APN ECU Remaps & Carbon Cleaning

APN ECU Remaps & Carbon Cleaning
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Here at APN we offer a professional/Hassle free service and aim to meet customers’ demands/requirements for their vehicles. With us offering the customer a fully mobile service we can carry out our work directly at your home, or a place of work.

‘How does this save you money on your motoring costs?’

With the rising of living costs and energy bills and now having to commute back to the office with our fuel guzzling motors, we are all on a mission to cut back and save where and when we can!

This is why at APN we have decided to get out our calculators and present you a breakdown of what an average family car costs to fill and what its maximum miles delivered based on a 34mpg fuel consumption.

" Money or miles..?"
The answer is actually miles!
£1.83 per litre -
34mpg average -
35 litre fuel tank-
£64.05 to fill tank-
Total miles a tank = 261.8 miles based on 34mpg

Now if we tuned the engine to have an ouput of 42 mpg this is an increase of +8 mpg.
New figures:
£1.83 per litre
42 mpg average
35 litre fuel tank
£ 64.05 to fill tank
Total miles a full tank when tuned = 323.4 miles!

This is an increase of +61.6 miles extra out of your full tank!

This is where you see the benefits!

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  • APN ECU Remaps & Carbon Cleaning
  • APN ECU Remaps & Carbon Cleaning


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