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Bridge Street Methodist Church Armistice commemorations

Posted onPosted on 7th Nov
Bridge Street Methodist Church Armistice commemorations

Bridge Street Methodist Church, Mansfield, is joining the commemorations of the Armistice of World War I.

The church has two memorial plaques remembering 27 men from Mansfield who lost their lives in the conflict.

In addition, there are a series of beautiful stained glass windows dedicated to those who died but also those who returned.

Bridge Street has also been awarded three “There But Not There” silhouettes to display in the church, in the same pews where those who died sat.

The award was made under the Armistice and Armed Forces Communities programme, which makes awards to bring communities together to remember and to think about the Armed Forces today.

The church will be open from 10am-4pm on Saturday, 10th November, and from noon to 4pm on Sunday, 11th November.

The plaques, windows and silhouettes will be on display. There will also be a chance to see letters written by two members of the church from the front lines.

Bridge Street Minister, Rev John Yarrien said: “Although World War I happened 100 years ago it is so important that we remember.

“The men who served were trying to make a better world and their sacrifice still inspires us today. Those who survived where changed forever by the things they saw and did. Remembering also helps us to understand, appreciate and support our Armed Forces today.”

There is no charge for visiting the church and tea and coffee will be available. People are also invited to the Remembrance Sunday Service at 10.30am.

Visitors are welcome to use the church’s large car park, which is accessed via Rock Valley.