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Water saving help for business

Posted onPosted on 26th Jun

Severn Trent is helping businesses in Nottinghamshire to save water and money, as it rolls out a £4m project offering free water saving audits and upgrades to help save water.

The project, that’s part of the company’s £566m Green Recovery programme, is running a trial for Nottinghamshire businesses and is offering free water efficiency audits to help make sure businesses facilities are up to date, and not losing water.

Josie Veissid, Project Manager for Severn Trent, said: “While as a company we’re already doing so much to look after our water, including even building a brand-new treatment works to help secure supplies for the future. We want to look to support other areas and really help make sure we’re all saving water where we can.

“This offer to businesses is really unique, in the fact that not only are we coming in and doing the checks, we’ll also support them in getting any repairs done, as well as upgrading facilities – such as fixing leaky taps and toilets.”

Severn Trent is looking to carry out 3,000 business audits between now and 2025 and is running an initial trial for Nottinghamshire businesses first.

The company will then open the project to more of the Severn Trent region, to help save water in areas that are more water scarce.

“We know that businesses at times have no choice but to use a lot of water through what they do, so we want to help make sure they’re saving it where they can, which in turn will save them money,” adds Josie. “There’s so many amazing benefits with this project, and is a really great opportunity for a local business to take advantage of a free water audit and upgrades to facilities.

“We genuinely all have a really important role to play when it comes to saving water, and now we’re helping businesses to do their part to. They will really benefit from free upgrades that will be of huge value to them, so it’s a great opportunity to get involved with.”

Any businesses in Nottinghamshire that would like to take advantage of the free water check, can register so by emailing the team at