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Vaping and e-cigarettes to be banned from shopping centre

Posted onPosted on 14th Aug

Idlewells Shopping Centre, Sutton, is to enforce a no e-cigarette policy from September following customer feedback, which called for a clean air zone.

No official bans on vaping and e-cigarettes are enforced by UK law in public spaces, although more venues such as shops, train stations, bars and restaurants are now enforcing their own restrictions as part of wider clean air policies.

Idlewells’ Centre manager Chloe O’Donnell said: “The health and safety of the general public of Sutton, as well as our employees, is our priority first and foremost.

“We want to promote a clean air zone within our centre where shoppers can feel relaxed and are not potentially deterred by e-cigarette fumes. Our customers range from the elderly to children and families,so complete inclusivity is crucial. We want everyone to feel they can walk around the centre in complete comfort.”

Recent customer feedback to centre staff, which asked for a full ban on electronic cigarettes and similar devices, prompted the ban.

“Feedback received from customers was unanimously in favour of this and we must listen to our customers,” added Chloe.

“We appreciate those using e-cigarettes might not welcome the news, however, the use of these devices will still be possible outside of Idlewells.”