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Unique service helps Your Home Care to detect health issues

Posted onPosted on 22nd Sep

Your Home Care, a Mansfield-based home care provider, has become the first company of its kind in Nottinghamshire to offer an NHS service that helps to monitor and improve the health of people in their own homes.
Being run in partnership with the NHS, Restore2 is a service that means Your Home Care staff can run a series of medical checks and detect any changes in a person’s health.

If any changes are identified, Your Home Care can then notify the relevant healthcare professionals and action can be taken.

It’s already proving to be a benefit because when it was used for the first time, Your Home Care found that a man who had not seen his doctor for over a year needed his blood pressure medication changing.

Denise Pitts, Your Home Care registered care manager, has been trained to deliver the service and was the person who identified that the person in her care did not need the medication he was using.

She said: “This new service is unique in Nottinghamshire and we are happy to be working with the NHS on this because we see the value that people in our care will get from it.

“People can’t always go to see a doctor, for many different reasons, but as we go into their homes, we can be the eyes and ears and can identify where action is needed. It’s an honour to be able to provide yet more value to people who need it most.”

Denise will be training Your Home Care staff to deliver the service, which includes blood pressure and temperature tests, pulse, and the monitoring of oxygen levels. Regular test results will be logged, allowing any changes to be identified.

The daughter-in-law of the man helped by Your Home Care said: “My mother and father-in-law have recently needed a little extra help with lunches and reminders to take medication.

“Your Home Care, using the RESTORE2 process, discovered that my father-in-law’s blood pressure had dropped significantly, an issue we were totally unaware of. As a result of these checks, we were able to contact the GP who changed medication, allowing my father-in-law’s blood pressure to return to a normal reading.”

Your Home Care was founded by Paul Pitchford and his colleague, Scott Marsh, both of whom have many years of experience in the home care sector.

Paul said: “Our overall aim is to deliver outstanding care and raise standards in the home care sector. It is the right thing to do and offering RESTORE2 is a perfect example of how we are taking home care to the next level.”

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