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Recycling scheme helps to raise funds for three hospices

Posted onPosted on 2nd Sep
Recycling scheme helps to raise funds for three hospices

Mansfield and District Crematorium has raised £20,000 for three hospice charities from a metal recycling scheme.

In the latest round of donations, the John Eastwood Hospice Trust, Sutton, received £5,000; the Nottinghamshire Hospice, based in Nottingham, was given £8,000; and Beaumond House Hospice, Newark, received £7,000,

The money is from metal recovered from cremations where bereaved families have given permission for it to be sent for recycling.

Mansfield Crematorium, which is run jointly by Mansfield, Ashfield and Newark and Sherwood district councils, signed up to be part of the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management’s (ICCM) Recycling of Metals Scheme in 2011. Since then it has raised a total of £58,377 for the three hospice charities.

Crematorium registrar Sally Curtis explained: “Cremated remains often contain metals from the coffin and from orthopaedic implants such as hip and knee replacement joints.

“Some of this metal, however, is of a high grade steel, which can be recycled and made into new orthopaedic implants.

“Prior to this scheme, the metal was removed from the cremated remains and buried in the grounds of the crematorium as, historically, that was the accepted treatment of such metals.

“Now, with an increasing move towards recycling, a better option emerged.

“We never send any metal from cremated remains for recycling unless we have the written consent of the nearest relatives, which is sought prior to a cremation.”