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Pupils show parents they’ve got it figured

Posted onPosted on 12th Feb

Youngsters at St Mary Magdalene Church of England Primary School, Sutton, hosted a two-day mathematics mastery event to bring parents up to speed with the work their children were tackling.

Pupil Myah McCalla, 9, explained: “I have been doing multiplication with parents.

“The best thing is that it can help them to help their children. They understand what is happening in class, and they can help us with work at home.

“My dad has come to this and always tries to take part in school events.”

Isabelle Thompson, also 9, said her mother attended as well.

“It is a good thing that your parents want to help you,” she added.

“I have been explaining how to do column addition with lots of parents. We are doing this so that when we are at home, we can ask parents if we need help.”

Head Sam Robinson said the event was well attended, showing the commitment parents have towards their children’s learning.

“Many parents make the effort to attend workshop mornings, Christmas performances, family lunch events and they support their children with their homework.

“This workshop was aimed at building parents’ understanding of the new mastery approach, and the strategies we use.

Parents are then better placed to support children at home, and it builds valuable relationships between the school and families.

“The event was a great success and the children coped beautifully demonstrating their skills to visiting parents!”

Pictured, from left, are parents Rebecca Thompson and Joanne Swales, Isabelle Thompson, centre, Thomas Swales, Astin Hall and Oliver Jarvis.