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Mansfield nurses tackle flu to support treatment centre patients

Posted onPosted on 8th Oct

Two Mansfield-based nurses are pledging to tackle flu to ensure their patients can keep receiving the treatment they need throughout the winter.

All 196 members of staff – both clinical and administrative – at the Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre have been offered free flu vaccinations, and patients and visitors are being encouraged to get vaccinated before they visit the hospital.

Head of nursing Elaine Bodle said: “If you’re due for surgery it is safe to have your flu jab beforehand, provided it is at least two weeks before you are due to come to hospital.

“It is also safe to have a flu vaccination after surgery, but the advice is to leave it for at least two weeks after discharge.”

Last year no operations were cancelled as the result of staff flu at the centre in Lindrick Way. The team hope that keeping themselves healthy, and encouraging visitors to do the same, will help them keep the centre running at full strength.

Nurse Pauline Wilcock, who administered the jabs, said: “We are encouraging all our patients and visitors to be vaccinated before they visit us, and we have offered every single member of staff a free flu shot. This way, we aim to avoid flu throughout the busy winter period so that we avoid unnecessary cancellations of procedures.”

The care team at the centre advises people to take action if they experience the early signs of flu, which include a cough, sore throat, general aches and pains and a fever of above 38ºC.

Elaine and Pauline’s top tips to fend off flu:

•Get vaccinated. Many people qualify for a free flu vaccination, but even if you do not, the costs are not prohibitive and are a good investment for a flu-free winter. Get a vaccination every year, because strains of flu change over time and the effect of the vaccination can wear off after three to four months.

•Think clean. More bugs are spread through handshakes than kissing, so make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and regularly, especially after coming into contact with someone with flu.

•Keep it covered. Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing – a sneeze or a cough can spread the flu virus further than you might think.

•Chuck it. If you have used a tissue, put it in the bin immediately and clean your hands with a sanitiser afterwards.

•No sharing. Wherever possible, avoid sharing crockery, cutlery and towels with other people.

•Clean surfaces. Make sure that surfaces in frequent use, such as phones, keyboards and door handles, are cleaned regularly to avoid spreading the flu virus.

•Stay at home. If you have flu symptoms, stay at home to avoid spreading the virus. Mild flu or cold symptoms can be treated at home.

Pictured is head of nursing Elaine Bodle looking on as Pauline Wilcock gives hospital director Steve Booker his flu jab.