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About Lives Celebrated
Imagine the stories that people could tell about their lives. What they have done. Who they have loved. Where they have worked. What made them cry, laugh and smile. Too often though, the tales do not get told. Until it is too late. The stories simply do not get told or shared, so they are not even memories.

That’s where Lives Celebrated can help. It’s the idea of Wayne Swiffin, a journalist and public relations professional who loves human interest stories.

They are the stories of people. Of their lives. Of what mattered to them.

Working with you, Lives Celebrated will help you write the story of your life, or the life of someone you know – a grandparent, an uncle, a sister or a brother. Think of it as a memoir.

Stories will chart their lives, highlight the milestone memories, and go a little way to share their story. What a great thing to talk about with those you love. What a great thing to pass on to someone who will treasure your stories.

It can cost thousands to have bound books put together. And that’s more than likely out of the reach of all but a few. Doing it via Lives Celebrated is an affordable, easy way to get your life written about.

We also want this site to be a useful place to look at life’s paperwork and getting things in order. For example, do you know about Wills, Power of Attorney, or what to do when someone is born, gets married or dies?

We’ll have articles written by experts, just for you.

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